San Diego Plumbers Residential Services

Pipe Leaks and Repairs

We use proven products and systems engineered to reduce down time and costs of piping replacement. Our array of piping protection and repair products are designed to address specific problems with engineered solutions in almost any piping application and on any piping material.  Whether your piping problems are:

  • corrosion mitigation
  • pin hole repairs
  • dent repairs
  • bend repairs
  • complete (hoop & axial) strength replacement

San Diego Plumbers provides our clients with specialized repairs, reinforcement, corrosion control and or isolation for all sizes and most any pressure range of piping.

Toilet Plumbing Problems

A toilet gets a lot of hard use and often abuse. Fortunately, toilets are simple mechanisms, but toilet problems are bound to arise in a mechanism that gets used so often.

  • The handle is stuck
  • Problems with the float ball
  • Tank water level is too high
  • Lift chain or wire is damaged
  • Flapper or flush valve needs servicing

Water Heater Problems or Installations

San Diego Plumbers offers installation on replacement conventional water heaters, available from Monday – Friday.  This includes:

  • Delivery of new water heater if you are within 20 miles (one way) of store.
  • Removal and haul-away of existing water heater.
  • Replacement of existing electric or natural gas water heater in a residence (must be in same place and use existing power source).
  • Testing to ensure proper operation.
  • Cleanup after job is done.

Faulty Garbage Disposals

  • Disposal won’t turn on
  • Stuck flywheel
  • Leaking garbage disposal
  • Slow drain

Sump Pump Failure

Many of us take for granted that we have a sump pump and that it works effectively. Some of us don’t even know what a sump pump looks like, but when a water problem arises in our home, we soon realize their importance. Although sump pumps have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, they may fail unexpectedly for various reasons.  Installing a sump pump must be done right. It is of utmost importance that the manufacturer’s instructions be carefully followed for the installation in order to avoid severe water damage down the road.

Drainage Problem

Lo Jolla Plumber has experience with all kinds of drainage issues:

  • Bathtub Drain
  • Drain Installation
  • Floor Drain
  • French Drain
  • Pop Up Drain
  • Roof Drains
  • Shower Drains
  • Sink Drain
  • Storm Drain